Horse North Inc

Horse North, Inc. is dedicated to helping horses and horse owners in need. Our goals are: to rescue at-risk horses from abuse, abandonment and neglect, and to provide healing and rehabilitation; to provide a second chance for these horses in loving forever homes; to educate and assist horse owners struggling to provide for their horses. We are available to Animal Control agencies to respond to their need of assistance in neglect, abandonment and/or cruelty cases. PO Box 76 Kingsley, MI 49649 (231)645-4674

Our Horses

Horse Age Gender Breed Color Rescue Status Adoptable
12 years Mare Arabian Grey Riding and Ground Training
21 years Mare Pony Bay Training
7 years Mare Grade Black Training
25 years Gelding Quarter Horse Sorrel/Chestnut Riding and Ground Training
14 years Mare Miniature Sorrel & White Training