Horse North Inc

Horse North, Inc. is dedicated to helping horses and horse owners in need. Our goals are: to rescue at-risk horses from abuse, abandonment and neglect, and to provide healing and rehabilitation; to provide a second chance for these horses in loving forever homes; to educate and assist horse owners struggling to provide for their horses. We are available to Animal Control agencies to respond to their need of assistance in neglect, abandonment and/or cruelty cases. PO Box 76 Kingsley, MI 49649 (231)645-4674

Our Horses

Horse Age Gender Breed Color Rescue Status Adoptable
14 years Mare Arabian Grey Riding and Ground Training
12 years Mare Quarter Horse Black Training
12 years Gelding Thoroughbred Bay Rehabilitation
14 years Gelding Arabian Sorrel/Chestnut Riding and Ground Training
22 years Mare Walking Horse Black Rehabilitation